The African interior design style

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The African interior design style

by Thompson Ani |May 27, 2019 | Blogs

The African interior design style

The African interior design style is enriched with the original tribe art of this mysterious continent. The gamma is consist of deep colors which is saturated with the hot African sun. Usually, it is terracotta, brick, sand, and other warm colors. The color combination are based on the dark and light contrast. Black color often act the role of such contrast, which is used for painting the curbs and other furniture elements. The furniture should look simply. In addition, it can be not only wooden but also forged and braided. The interior design is adorned with the wooden dish plates for fruits, exotic sculptures, ritual masks, stylized lanterns, and paintings in true African art. You will transform your home into paradise, if decorate it with the linen napkins, souvenirs made of African stone, and curtains with embroidery giraffe or tiger figures.

Expensive materials are often used in the African style: python, crocodile, lizard leather; zebra, giraffe skin; rosewood, palm, and wenge wood.

Before the creation of African style in the interior, it is necessary to determine the goal: either the task is to introduce a number of African colorful shades in the interior or it will be the most complete repetition of the main features of African homes. When a course is chosen, you can proceed to the implementation of your ideas.

In a nutshell, such features are originality, coloring, dynamic, energy, expression and contrast. On the one hand there is the minimalism and simplicity of forms and on the other we have primitive brutality in the decor and in its texture. With all of this, there is the contrast and brightness of colors in accessories and textiles. Typically, the interior reflects the picture of the world, so it uses natural materials and natural shades. Abundance of decorative African art, which are very primitive, are also welcome.

Since reminder of the scorching sun, the sands of the desert and the jungle can be traced in the interior of this style so the colors should be respectively determined by such shades like sand, brown, terracotta, orange, yellow, brick and even swampy green. It should be noted that the prevailing colors are yellow and brown (tree bark, charred wood, saffron, honey, baked milk, cinnamon, amber and so on). In general, the colors in the interior should be not just warm but hot as the air of Africa itself. You can also meet a mix of a black with fiery red shade as a reminder of the fire, as well as the color of skins of animals living in Africa. Cautious introduction of blue shades is allowed but only in small quantities and as an accent. In other words, it must be remembered that all the used tones should be natural.

Thompson Ani

Thompson Ani is an engineer and interior designer. He has received an Independence Magazine Publisher award, numerous nominations and is an Ambassador of Street Project Foundation. He strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on his clients’ lives. With more than 5years of experience, he possesses an inmate desire to create and design interiors that exceeds clients’ expectations. With an eye for quality, a superior sense of style, and client-centered approach to business, Thompson Ani has proven himself of creativity, collaboration and forward thinking with a structured, organized and detailed mentality; enabling him to deliver focused development, follow through and total completion to each aspect of the design. He acts in the capacity of creative director and managing director for MAUL WORKS LIMITED. He led large-scale residential projects and partnered on mid to large-scale project in lagos as the lead designer and consultant.


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