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Standard Sizes for Your Furniture

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Standard Sizes for Your Furniture

Most furniture is manufactured to standard measurement. It makes the process of arranging furniture easier when you know those standard measurements before you buy. Once you know bed or couch dimensions, for example, you can start designing the layout for any given room with a better idea of how the pieces will fit.

These measurements are meant to be a general guideline only. Before you buy anything make sure you measure the piece itself to see whether it will fit well inside your space.

Also, clients love to make their own Custom-made furniture to fit their needs and desire to blend with their interior design style. Custom-made furniture refers to pieces that craftsmen build according to the customer’s specifications. It allows you to decide on the color, type of material used, finish, and design, among other things. Moreover, it still qualifies as “custom-made” furniture even if you only get to decide on one or two of these things.

With the market brimming with different products ,many will get the opportunity to inject their style and taste in the making of furniture selection for their room. if you need a custom-made furniture, manufacturers can mass-produce with the standard size and at the same time incorporate their customers’ input into the standard design. It doesn’t matter if the customization is limited only to color choices or material. Technically speaking, this is a guide of all who are passionate about getting the right furniture for their space.

Living Room Couch and Furniture Dimensions

Although one couch may look very different from another sofa because of style, color, or upholstery fabric, you may be surprised to know that most sofas share the same approximate measurements. This applies to other pieces of furniture living room furniture such as coffee tables and end tables as well. When you have an idea of roughly how big a piece is, you can plan how many pieces to fit in the room, and how to place them, so you have a room that flows efficiently. Here are the standard table and couch dimensions:

  • Three-seat sofa: 33 inches deep by 84 inches wide by 35 inches high
  • Loveseat: 33 inches deep by 60 inches wide by 35 inches high
  • Armchair: 33 inches deep by 35 inches wide
  • by 35 inches high
  • Coffee Table: 48 inches long by 30 inches wide by 16 inches high
  • Square end table: 24 inches long by 24 inches wide by 16 inches high
  • Rectangular end table: 28 inches long by 25 inches wide by 16 inches high

Dining Room Furniture Measurements

Dining room tables and chairs are also usually made according to standard measurements. These have many variations for different kinds of dinning tables. Chairs will slightly vary in size as well. The measurements below are what you can expect to find on average:

  • Dining table with one leaf: 72 inches long by 36 inches wide
  • Round dining table for four people: From a 36-inch diameter to a 44-inch diameter
  • Side chair: 18 inches deep by 18 inches wide
  • Armchair: 18 inches deep by 22 inches wide

Bedroom Furniture Measurements

The bedroom usually has a bed, one or more nightstand, and a chest of drawers. The measurements for beds are more standardized than for any other piece of furniture, due to needing a standard size of mattress and bedding.

Nightstands and chests can vary, and there are several types of chests. The numbers below are for a basic, small chest:

  • Twin-size bed: 39 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • Double or full-size bed: 54 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • Queen-size bed: 60 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • Eastern king-size bed: 76 inches wide by 80 inches long
  • California king-size bed: 72 inches wide by 84 inches long
  • Chest of drawers: 30 inches wide by 18 inches deep
  • Nightstand: 18 inches wide by 18 inches deep

Home Office Furniture

Home office furniture varies in size. Desks were traditionally larger, but today you can pick from smaller scaled desks and chairs. Office furniture is also adjustable in height. You can adjust your desk into a standing desk, and make your chair go lower or higher. The dimensions will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer because there is an emphasis on office furniture that fits the user’s needs:

  • Traditional office desk: 48 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 30 inches high
  • Desk chairs: 20- to 22-inches wide by 36 inches high
  • Computer chairs: 18 inches wide by 36 inches high


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